A Visual Feast: Painting Whatever You Want

Laura Basha

Photo By: Georgios Tsichlis

Just returning from Europe, begun by a ten day artist’s retreat in this most inspiring of settings for the arts, Venice, and staying those ten days at a wonderful cultural centre, has left a myriad of impressions that will take the weeks ahead to assimilate fully.

Beauty everywhere, endless reminders of Beauty’s timelessness … as my fellow creative colleague Hunter joyfully blurted after days of visiting masterpiece after masterpiece, and as we walked an early morning walk hoping to get lost and found again before breakfast, “… they painted whatever they wanted! … there was no wondering about would someone like it …”

It freed us to remember that the great leaders, the breakthrough contributors in any field never turn around to see if anyone is following …


So good to travel. Important. Sorting through what others in other cultures hold dear, reflecting on what one finds dear one’s self, what is truly authentic self-expression.

Leaving the familiar to travel … it’s a powerful way to find home.

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