Behind Each Eye

Laura Basha

Photo By: Kazuend

It had been over 40 years since we had all been together. Separated by the annihilation born of a traumatic youth, we finally trusted enough to reunite to see our mother after all these years. It was moving to me to observe us, 4 women now, cooking, navigating the kitchen, each doing her part as only four women who have raised children know how to do. Silently, musically, harmonized with no outer conductor needed.

We return next month, to Florida, to move this our mother who never mothered very well, to a safer place where we can all be there for her in her elder years. She is alone and she needs to be mothered and we can be that for each other and for her.

Bring what you are looking for.


Behind Each Eye


Spring overall. But inside us
there is another unity.


Behind each eye 
one glowing weather.


Every forest branch moves differently
in the breeze, but as they sway,
they connect at the roots.


– Rumi

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