Cultivating Resonance with Beauty and Grace

Laura Basha

Photo By: Janko Ferlič

Beauty is a realm. Grace is a realm. They are vantage points from which to stand to view one’s life. Accessible to all: artist, homemaker, business person, corporate executive, gardener, teenager, child; any human being of any age and any cultural background has access to these realms. Standing in the realms of Beauty and Grace, looking out from the Center of either of these perspectives, gives one access to Infinite Intelligence, Omniscient Wisdom, Omnipotent Love. With these attributes available to all persons, perceptual shifts occur to address any problem or circumstance, be it health, finances, business challenges, parenting – any creative endeavor. All of the solutions are informed by the inspired thinking available through the realms of Beauty and Grace.

Cultivating a resonance to these realms occurs by simply reflecting on them and being interested in what they could reveal. Thinking on “beauty”, thinking on “grace”, brings with it access to the inherent wisdom, common sense, and genius always and timelessly available to each one of us.

Beginning with the inspired context of Beauty or Grace, a concept or a simple sense allows for an unfolding of insight through the thinker, relevant to the problem at hand. This takes a quieting of the intellect and a deep listening for the unknown.


Listening for the unknown, working through the human process of rising insecurities which emerge when being willing to stand in “not knowing” (the intellect likes to ‘know’), when the confrontations, perplexities and riddles are sorted through, insight emerges and awakening occurs. Such listening is the conduit for the essence of Beauty and Grace. This essence emanates through you effortlessly, and you experience, and are experienced as, acceptance and serenity.

Alignment with the realms of Beauty and Grace reflects back to oneself one’s own truth, which then sings through to others.


It is possible for people to see what has been obscured from their awareness.
It is possible to step from the invisible to the visible.


We are so afraid that we cannot be what we dream ourselves to be, that we stay
hidden inside of a persona that we ourselves created for our survival.


It is possible to bring the invisible to light so that you can begin to see your own
Beauty and Grace, and claim your wholeness and your true voice.


When what has been obscured is illuminated,
you remember who you truly are.


– from The Inward Outlook, by Laura Basha, PhD

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