For the Benefit of All Concerned

Laura Basha

Photo By: Delfi de la Rua

It seems to me that the greatest gift we can give to one another is really listening for the best in each other: our perfection, our beauty, our differing perceptions. And through listening for the best in each other, eliciting the best from ourselves.


We could call this being “Source” for each other. It is not for me to say what another’s best might be, yet it seems to have very similar characteristics from one person to another, namely: joy, relatedness, confidence, love, self-expression, all in a uniquely expressed freedom of expression that catalyzes other’s Joy. Seeing the best, looking for the best, catalyzes the best and all involved are uplifted and see possibility.

This is the type of “Sourcing the best”, if you will, or simply “Sourcing”, which one experiences when in the presence of extraordinary leaders; meaning to say, people who have done the work to allow Source to express through them. My own mentors have been such people, and their “teaching” from this awareness has been what has empowered me to, through my own continual growth process, transmute and distinguish my understanding of my own false personality, such that authenticity has a chance to emerge: powerful, happy, free. This transformation then hopefully allows me to resonate Source into my world. In other words, this transformation empowers me to have the best chance to make a difference, and then catalyze others to resonate in their world, and pay it forward.

I don’t think “I” actually “source” anyone or anything. Reflecting on Source as a possibility allows It – Source, Absolute, God, whatever name we choose to call It – to make Itself known through me, use me as a conduit, and when I’m truly present, let it express through me to the extent that I have the capacity and understanding to align with It, surrender to It, catalyzing me and hopefully others toward what they have to contribute to the world.

“To give is to receive”. It has to come through us first to be expressed, so we experience the gift of It’s Peace before we can bring it to our worlds.


May we all continue to grow and learn and have compassion for ourselves and others, for the benefit of all concerned.

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