How Clearly Do You See?

Laura Basha

Photo By: Nine Köpfer

Anything you do in the healing relationship is multi-dimensional.
The healing relationship is like a dream.
It’s not about the content but the metaphysical significance of the content.


Whatever happens to the coach is what’s happening to the client. Never sensor your feelings, but don’t take them as real.

The coaching interaction at its best is truly a therapeutic interaction. To be able to see that whatever happens in that interaction is a metaphor for what’s happening in the client’s life and for how the client deals with life experience, allows us as coaches to become more sleuths than mentors.

Basically the client comes to us saying, “Look, I’ve lost my way. Here are the clues as to what has gone awry. Here are the knots, the tangles, the hurts, and the survival techniques I have used.

But they have taken over, and in my earnest attempt to maintain my natural health, I have become enamored of my survival techniques so much so that I can’t remember who I truly am.

Do you have the clarity of vision to help me remember?”


This is the task and the gift of the self-actualized coach.

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