Listening for the Unknown

Laura Basha

Photo By: Andy Chilton

Every process of transformation, whether for individuals or organizations, business leaders or artists, requires a listening for the unknown.

Cultivating a facility to be with the silence of the unknown, where all new concepts and ideas are waiting in scintillating dormancy, awakens the creative process of transmutation and unfolds as the art form of self-actualization.


Each person has the capacity to tap into that equally-everywhere-present creative Source, and translate what is heard into form, be it a painting or a book or a sheet of music or a business proposal or a design for a course curriculum or a more effective and caring way to raise a child – any manifestation of the freedom to fully self-express.

From our individual and unique psychological vantage point, we view the form and according to our preferred perception, choose what resonates.

Our particular expressions result from choosing the thought which occurs as the best choice at the time, and then taking action.

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