Master In Your Universe

Laura Basha

Painting By: Laura Basha


This thing we do…
This separation which we perceive…
This experience of life or lunacy which we create and which has no existence without our permission…
Or, closer to Truth – without our choice it could not be …
Why choose it at all?
Why have to choose it?
We have to choose it if we wish to continue to forget who we are …
And so we keep choosing the illusion as reality Until it gets so loud – the illusion, that is – that we can’t stand the noise and so scream to ourselves:
“Turn that blasted thing OFF!!”

And then the intellect is quiet for a moment.
So we have a glimpse of Reality and It is so quiet, so infinitely No Thing, so peaceful, so full of Peace…
And we remember for a flash Who/What we are.
And that is why we have to choose it.
So we can finally consciously see who/what we aren’t, so that we can begin to consciously see Who/What we ARE.

Perfect beings.
Our perfection is our only stumbling block.
For we are perfect with or without our self’s permission, or awareness.
We are all Masters in our own universe.
We are either conscious of this Mastery or not, and this is the essential difference.
So it behooves us to become conscious of our Mastery so we can consciously choose the direction of the play instead of endlessly unconsciously scripting it and acting it out.

It isn’t a requirement to become conscious. There is free will.

And then … there is Destiny.



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