Panda Peace

Laura Basha

Painting By: Laura Basha

The panda is a wonderful teacher for soul development, representing wisdom, peace, diplomacy, and balance.


I painted this painting for my granddaughter several years ago at her request. She asked me for it over a year previously, and I finally got around to painting it. I had so many paintings to complete for a project I was creating, yet it was bothering me that I hadn’t finished this for her since I said I would.

I had been studying new concepts in the field of leadership development, specifically the concept of Integrity, and a new science that has been building momentum and gaining credibility in the academic and business fields of leadership. One of the basic tenants of this new thinking is that the heart of integrity lies in following through on that to which one has given one’s word. And, by the way, particularly following through on what one has given one’s word to one’s self! So, all those commitments to work out, go on a diet, etc., when we don’t follow through on keeping those promises we have made to our self, we lose power: Power being the capacity to influence and empower through Being a clear and focused individual, for one’s self and for others.

When we don’t cultivate this capacity for keeping those promises to our self, we diminish ourself in our own eyes, and we also diminish our capacity to keep our commitments to others. Either way we are left feeling invalidated or even powerless.


I completed the painting for my granddaughter, and, as simple as this sounds, the feeling of satisfaction and freedom was equally as fulfilling as being pleased with the end result of the painting. And the result was not just a delighted little girl who received it, but also a little girl who trusts that her Nona will do what she says she will do! There are no small things. So, how much power, fulfillment, freedom is available through the simple act of keeping our promises to ourselves? Maybe we won’t just lose those 5 lbs, maybe we also lose a sense of failure and gain a sense of empowerment and possibility.

What could each of us commit to accomplishing for ourselves, and, keeping that promise, experience the freedom, joy, and possibility inherent in authentic power?



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