Personal Purpose

Laura Basha

“Crane,” 2007 | Painting By: Laura Basha

Finding the words which capture your personal purpose expresses the essence of each individual. Since personal purpose is articulated through one’s own languaging, it is distinguished from a deep listening of what one is truly aligned with, committed to, and passionate about.

It is an expression of the inherent integrity of one’s life, one’s raison d’etre. It is the languaging of one’s own Center to the circumference of their world.


Once articulated, the capacity for a person to harness focused intention and power, and align that with a larger purpose, is exponentially increased. The result is an inherently synchronized person inspired to learn and grow, who is infused with the vitality of self-actualization. Such Self-perception cannot be underestimated in terms of Its capacity to produce extraordinary results.

You will unveil the connection of the golden threads of the deeper self with the fabric of personality, emerging to be the person that you know you were born to be: creative and powerful with gentle humility, wise with compassion, vulnerable with confidence.


A life of freedom, joy, and authenticity is yours to choose. Jump in and trust yourself. The greatness, whether quiet or noticeable, that you have always hoped you were but were afraid that you weren’t, unfolds.


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