Reflection on Ten Points for Life Experience

Laura Basha

Photo By: Ray Hennessy

1) One benefit to writing down a list like this is that it frees us from the intellect, in that we don’t have to remember what we’re supposed to remember since we’ve captured it on a list, which allows us to be completely present to the thing at hand.

2) The intellect is an extraordinary computer tool. That said, there are no new answers from the intellect; every thought from the intellect is from the past.

3) As we learn not to take things personally, we maintain our sense of well-being and are better able to contribute to others. Our ability to not take things personally is directly relational to our experience of freedom.

4) Learning to transmute what has happened to us in the past, through nonjudgmental compassionate understanding, is a way to be free of the limitations such experiences seem to impose.

5) Learning to forget what we know, or think we know, within the context of an authentic inquiry, is a way to allow the natural state of Oneness, manifesting as genius and the miraculous, to express through us.

6) Everything manifests and evolves from Center to circumference.

7) We are all masters in our own universe. This mastery is either conscious or unconscious. It is our differing levels of understanding the Law of Thought (how thought creates our life experience) that distinguishes how awake we are to this mastery.

8) All action in the third dimension is a re-action to the true action of thought.

9) There is only one problem, though it takes many guises, and this is the thought of being separate from Source. We are sourced from the Belonging.

10) Be. Here. Now. There is one solution to the many variations of the one problem. This solution is to let go of attachment to personal thought, gift ourself to be profoundly present, and remember who we truly are.

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