Silently Thundering the Truth of Oneness

Laura Basha

Photo By: Nitish Meena

Clicking the shutter on this stunning serenity just last week while in Alaska, I was so struck by the quiet serenity and profound power of the environment.

Otherworldly beauty, and we were trespassing through the sacred waters of the whales and eagles and otters and bears; through Nature’s realms.


As I allowed this resonance of majesty to impact me, I became aware that this dreamlike place lives on long after I leave to go back to my daily living. It lives on like this, infinitely generating from past into future a holy integrity that dwarfs my opinions, my concerns, my fascination with myself and with differences between me and others, silently thundering the Truth of Oneness.


A single hand cannot know the whole animal at once. The ocean has an eye. The foam bubbles of phenomena see separately: we bump against each other, asleep at the bottom of our body-boats. We should wake and look with the clear eye of water we float on.


– Rumi

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