The Resonance of Beauty

Laura Basha

Photo By: Joel Filipe

Beauty resonates through all manifestations, being an aspect of the One Substance out of which all things are formed. Beauty is intrinsic harmony expressed.

Beauty is Truth. If Truth is the unwavering perfection in the universe – the Divine Order which, through association, transmutes everything into its Divine Correspondent – then Beauty is an expression of the Divine Order inherent in all form, all conditions, all life experience. In order to see beauty in this way, we have to be open to seeing it in this way.


We are struck by the beauty of an object, a person, a scene, nature. What happens? The Divine Order within the structure speaks to that higher state of Divine Order within us, and, much like a tuning fork, catalyzes the state of Divine Order that is equally everywhere present. We look at each other through it. The experience of being touched by the beauty of anything is an aspect of Love. Harmony and the experience of Harmony is an aspect of Love, and Love is the highest Truth.

So, Beauty is Truth. Beauty is Love emanating, catalyzing.


Listen for Beauty and notice how you are transmuted into the Divine Correspondent of Love, Gratitude and Compassion. These are some of the divine characteristics toward which we aspire to express through our humanity. These characteristics are available to us and through us, simply by focusing awareness toward them. We then awaken to Beauty in struggle, in suffering, as well as in comfort and ease. Listening is seeing.

Seeing Beauty does not condone injustice; it is a listening through which we can access the ability to make a beneficial difference in any circumstance or condition.


Seeing Beauty is seeing the Divine Order in all experience. Listening for Beauty is a stance to take to actualize positive change, and have access to possibility, genius, creativity, and joy.

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