The Wisdom of Not Knowing

Laura Basha

Photo By: Mi Pham

True freedom
is living as if you had completely chosen
whatever you feel or experience in this moment.
This inner alignment with the Now
is the end of suffering.”


– Eckhart Tolle


I have been teaching a class over the last years called “The Wisdom of Not Knowing”, and I will be turning it into a webinar series for a corporate client this summer. I thought I would share a bit about the essence of “Not Knowing”, as it may be of interest to many of you wanting to experience more freedom and ease in life experience.

The wisdom of not knowing is very much related to being present in the “Now”. Being able to identify one’s intellect, or essentially, one’s memory, such that you can turn your attention away from it to listen from nothing and be completely present with what is happening around you in the moment, or be completely present to how another human being sees life, is at the heart of accessing wisdom.

To be actually fascinated with how another human being sees life, having the humility of realizing that every human being is a unique culture of which we know nothing, creates inspiration and profound relatedness.


Listening deeply enriches all conversations and gives people an inroad to intimacy and compassion. For the practitioner or consultant who has the ears to diagnose, it reveals the clues to where the knots are, where there’s a place that doesn’t make sense. It expands organizational creativity as people begin to see that differences are what you’re looking for in order to open up conversations for organizational evolution.

This approach is particularly effective when applied to listening to one’s own thinking. Is it personal thought – our own memory and intellect – from which we are taking our cues? Or is it Impersonal Thought – Infinite Intelligence – Wisdom, which informs us of our understanding and choices?

Through listening deeply enough, the one you are listening to hears their own perceptions in such a way that there is a vacuum created into which rushes the solution which has been waiting to be heard! Every question is preceded by the answer wanting to come up to consciousness.


Deep listening with nothing on our mind is at the core of any true effectiveness we catalyze with others. My life’s journey from here on out is to develop more and more gracefulness in Not Knowing.

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