Waking Up

Laura Basha

Photo By: Dark Moon Pictures


It is simply a matter of choosing to be Home vibrantly free or coming Home in the waking sleep.

What is it like, waking up?

Sometimes I have dreamed, and realized I was dreaming, and wanted to wake up,
And yet all my screams were silent, and all my attempts were futile as I
wrestled with all my being to wake myself up from this falseness and re-align
with my consciousness and body and then, suddenly
I would find myself back in this reality,
Confused but present.

And what had I been wrestling with anyway?

For from here, it looked like nothing,
An invisible kind of membrane from which I had to de-enmesh myself,
Like exhaustively wrestling with the angel and then to see there is no one
there …
Like Bert and Ernie in It’s a Wonderful Life wrestling with Clarence in the
snow in the dark.

That’s what it’s like sometimes.

And sometimes, it’s like noticing the moth on the window.

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