Winter Reflection

Laura Basha

Photo By: Denys Nevozhai

Inner questioning from sincere desire to understand is one way to develop. The questions themselves are the precursors to the answers. It is the answer, the realization or insight that desires to be revealed to conscious cognitive awareness, that is the catalyst for the question, and so subsequently takes the form of the question. As this occurs, answers are unveiled, and understanding deepens. This deeper understanding reveals how to keep one’s bearings and results in a serene demeanor and attitude, thus affecting the environment through which one walks.
To return to the tuning fork analogy, the vibrational rate of a tuning fork initiates the same vibrational rate of sound in another tuning fork, alignment with the Wisdom of the Silence allows us to flow within Its lighthearted resonance. This catalyzes the same lighthearted feeling in another, with the subtlety of being “no big deal.” When something desirable is no big deal, there isn’t much to resist—in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

What gets catalyzed in another by one who is aligned with the Silence is energetic, vibrational resonance. The thinking that is then awakened in that other is insight that the other is seeking. This is not a personal manipulation of any sort. The resonance of the Silence, through one aligned with the Silence, catalyzes in another the answers to the questions the other is asking, even if those questions are not conscious.

There is a physics to it, a vibrational awakening that is gentle. It is irresistible in that it doesn’t engage the personal thought process, but rather it awakens within a person the Impersonal Thought of Infinite Intelligence available to all human beings. This Infinite Intelligence takes the form of whatever thought is needed to reveal the relevant solution, the answer to the query in which one’s self or another is engaged. Nothing need be analyzed within one’s self for such a solution.

And for a person in the presence of one aligned with the Silence, no words need be exchanged between the two for the other person to see a relevant solution to their own issue.

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