Whitebird Rising is a Leading Resource for the Transformational Lifestyle

At Whitebird Rising you get a curated collection of insights, wisdom, best practices and inspiring stories to help you live a transformational lifestyle. A transformational lifestyle means extracting the learning and growth from every conversation, interaction and life experience – it means becoming the best of what we are meant to be and getting the most of what life has to offer – it’s about being an ordinary human being and living an extraordinary life.

Our Ethos

Take Time to be Awed

Whitebird Rising is about savoring all that life has to offer: ​real, authentic connection with people, empowerment, careful consideration of our thoughts, exploring light and dark, freeing ourselves to be more of who we are, unleashing creativity, thoughtful living, connection to nature, appreciation of the arts and the artistic process, openness to the old and modern, accessing the wisdom of the elders and rejuvenating with the spark of youth.

Our Purpose

Free Yourself from the Limitations of the Past, Become Profoundly Present, and Powerfully Generate a Life of Authentic Self Expression, Beauty, and Joy.

Thank you for visiting Whitebird Rising. My name is Dr. Laura Basha, and I created Whitebird Rising, a transformational arts practice, as one possible avenue to facilitate tapping into innate wisdom, well-being, leadership, and peace of mind. A transformational arts practice is one which utilizes the non-verbal expression of our inherent creative process as a means to access the breakthroughs we are seeking in our life experience.

I have been writing, drawing and painting since I was a young child. Childhood was difficult for me, so being present with the creative process gave me an experience of peace and freedom, and set the stage for a life of exploration, investigation, and work focused on understanding how to consciously access a quiet mind. From this intrinsic calling evolved the desire to teach and facilitate access to peace of mind for others.

Would you like to be free of past experiences or conditions that have limited and bound you?

Are you someone who, no matter your current level of success, knows that there is more possibility for your authentic voice and contribution? Are you looking for a clear and pragmatic path to full self-expression? Would you like to feel grounded and certain in your own leadership, resonating presence and calm? Would you like a simple and pragmatic structure to awaken your true purpose in life, the one that you have actually been living from your entire life?

If you said yes … then you can. Through Whitebird Rising:

•   Feel validated, inspired, seen.

•   Experience breakthroughs in areas of life that are important to you but hard to access

•   Experience moving forward in previously unthought-of ways.

•   Articulate and align with your True Essence  so it acts as your compass of “True North”.

I am not talking about something that is unrealistic. I am talking about grounded, sustainable shifts in understanding and in conscious awareness – the kinds of sustainable shifts and healing that people can accomplish. Whether it’s a long-standing family breach, the desire to regenerate a marriage, or the need to empower yourself to be free from past trauma, through Whitebird Rising you will be inspired to tap into your own genius and capacity for well-being. You can have what you want in life: be it weight loss, wealth, leadership development, or freedom to creatively express in any area of life you choose.

What if everyone you cared about had access to your authentic expression, your true commitment, the unique legacy you have to contribute? What if you could give that to the world?

Allow yourself to experience the possibility of self-actualization. Discover the quiet power that comes from seeing that what you want to let go of you never really had, and what you’re looking for you have had all along.

– Laura Basha, Founder & Creator, Whitebird Rising