Being Ordinary Allows One to Receive What Is

Laura Basha

Photo By: Darrin Henein

One has to “be in the shoes”, but the shoes “must be worn loosely”.


– Chogyam Trungpa



To be in the world, but not of it …


In the process of detachment, one becomes less and less enamored of form, and the tremendous amount of energy required for producing form is released and available for expression through the vehicle of the body and the consciousness. As we relinquish attachment to form, we are evolving simultaneously through the refinement of consciousness, actually chemically restructuring the physical body to allow more and more energy through. As more and more we are detached, more and more we refine, more and more of the energy which was used for form is now available as neutral energy, Inspiration, Illumination, to allow us to receive the genius, the Health, the Peace, that is ever available, equally everywhere present. We can allow more of It through us and so we become more and more like It until eventually we ourselves radiate the Presence, and act as catalyst for eliciting Presence from our fellows.
At this point, one cannot not do it. One’s life becomes an example of Source because one is permeated with It and the consciousness of It. It is not something one “does”. At this point, it is something one IS.

How does one begin? To simply sincerely desire evolution of consciousness is enough, for the desire is the prophecy of the fulfillment. It has It’s own process. We do not do the work; It unfolds us. Our job is to let go and Let. As one lets go, there is nothing to do. As we become more and more graceful in our letting, the process becomes easier.


Getting to this point, however, can be quite an experience, and until we understand the process, there are many “dark nights of the soul”. The crucifixion and the resurrection are not just stories. They are blueprints of the process of spiritual evolution. That was the point of the Christ’s life: to biographically illustrate to humanity the reality of the process of transcendence. We go through many crucifixions and resurrections in one life experience. Once we have understanding, we are able to be graceful and grateful in the privilege of the process.


“…openness is the most insignificant thing in the whole world. It is completely insignificant, truly ordinary, absolutely nothing. When we are able to see ourselves and the world in this way, then transmission is directly taking place.”


– Chogyam Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism


There is no interference when there is true openness. One is an uninterrupted conduit for Truth when one is empty, or open. And all it takes is forgetting everything we know. Getting amnesia is a very enlightened thing to do. For all the things we know that we could forget were put into the intellect via the intellect, and really have nothing to do with the present. Every Truth available through openness is always available and so doesn’t need to be stored in the intellect because at every given present moment all True Knowledge is ever available, thus, “transmission is directly taking place” and we have awareness of It through simply being.

There is nothing to do.

And the more “special” one becomes or aspires to become, the more accouterments are required to maintain the specialness, thus the more obstacles to transmission. Being ordinary allows one to receive what Is. We were designed for this, to be a vessel, and we have covered over this perfection with ego-designed costuming which keeps us looking for the very thing that we already are. Then we have to busy ourselves with the process of “getting rid of what we haven’t got” in order to get back to where we started: perfection.

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