Joy to the World!

Laura Basha

Photo By: Arto Marttinen

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me
there lay an invincible summer.


– Albert Camus



It’s the beginning of December, and I just watched a beautiful sunset within this brief window of no rain in a week of much-needed rainy days.

The days are shorter, the nights longer. Cozy nights by a fire, soups, holiday movies and lots of reading – all call to us, whereas 6 months ago we were still out running errands and working and just being busy until the sun set much later in the day.

If we look at Life as a metaphor, we could see the symbolism within nature’s timetable. Less time for outer activity, more time for inner reflection. As the season gets colder, nature slows down, hibernates, leaves fall from the trees, growth slows or stops, and nature lies fallow to replenish and rejuvenate for Spring and its expansion.

We too could slow down, reflect, review the past accomplishments of the year, consider what we could evolve and grow into in the coming year, with the renewed capacities born of rest and reflection.


It is the Christmas season as well as the holiday season for many spiritual traditions to celebrate the birth of an awakened consciousness. In the dark and quiet seclusion of the deepest winter night, in the quiet seclusion of our deepest reflection, wisdom unfolds, gathering substance as we allow ourselves time to be present to the Silence. Wisdom emerges as inspired and awakened consciousness, lighting the way for our own inner sage to find voice, ready to take form in the coming longer days of Spring.


Peace within emanating to peace without,
choosing peace for all who think of us, all who speak of us,
and to
all whom we contact.


Happiest of holidays to us all!


Joy to the world!

Latest comments
  • LOVELY! Thank you for providing a consciousness to the slowdown that I am experiencing right now. I keep trying to fight it as if it is something to be fought rather than acknowledged and normal and actually awesome!!

    • Thank you, Xav, And You are so welcome. It is wonderful to have a reminder from nature that all is in order! Awesome indeed!

  • Thanks Laura for this lovely message for the Christmas winter holiday time.

    I just heard a brief talk by Father John Finley that expressed a similar message by speaking symbolically about the meaning of the story of the birth of the christ child. There are conditions required for us to be open to the birthing of the spiritual into our earthly human lives. For this to occur we need to go to the quiet, remote place of the animals (the Stable) because there is no room (space) where we usually go (the inn in the city) .

    Also, for me the newborn child expresses the qualities of innocence and openness that allow us to access unity and oneness in the face of our individual and cultural diversity.

    • Dear Gordon, how Beautiful! I I love what Father John Finley said about the symbolic meaning of the nativity scene. Thank you for sharing it – it makes profound sense, as does your thoughtfulness about the consciousness of the newborn that allows for the remembering of our Oneness.