Intuition: the Seventh Sense

Laura Basha


Photo By: Stefan Kunze

Inward Sky

You are the soul, the universe,
and what animates the universe. …
Why cry for what is closer than voice? …
Prophets come and go for one reason, to say,
Human beings, you have a great value
inside your form, a seed. Be led
by the rose inside the rose.


– Rumi



Have you ever had a thought of someone, perhaps someone you haven’t been in contact with for some time, and at that moment the phone rings and it is that very person? Have you ever had a dream about an unidentified or uncommunicated event, and then that event occurs? Have you ever stopped and been very still and reflected on something of concern to you, and an insight occurs, or even an epiphany, and you are flooded with knowing the solution to your problem?

What if we were to practice listening to the “still small voice” within? What if we listened for the inner wisdom that resonates to our question, and tested the result in the laboratory of our own life?


The more we practice, the more audible is the innate wisdom. We can see that it has been speaking all along, we have simply been listening to the cacophony of the external world of our circumstances and conditions, and not paying attention to the permeating flute music, resonating from the inside out.

The more attention we pay to the Silence within, the more we can avail ourselves to what It is saying, and recognize that It is always available to us.


Like Balance, Intuition is a sense that is ours for the cultivation. It is as available as the air. Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Hearing, Balance, and Intuition. Seven!


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