The Willingness to Awaken

Laura Basha

Photo By: Anton Darius



You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”


– Rumi



A growth mindset is not something to obtain.
It is a vantage point from which to come. You can cultivate a growth mindset
by being open to what you haven’t heretofore understood
about any particular area of interest.

Growth is a realm and a way of being. It is a realm of Power. It is allowing the Source of Creativity to emerge by listening for what you don’t know. Deep listening for what you don’t know
makes Infinite Intelligence available to you.


Clear and certain of what you are committed to, grounded in the present moment,
without being threatened by a different perspective,
is the powerful perspective of a growth mindset.
It is the safest and most creative place to stand because it is not personal.

There is nothing to do to get a growth mindset.
There is nowhere to go to get a growth mindset.

What there is, is to be willing to listen for what you don’t know
in the midst of the cacophony of what you think.
This cultivates, and culminates in, a growth mindset.

Cultivating a growth mindset is the practice of
listening for a challenge to your certainty, without feeling reactive.
There is no gauntlet being thrown down eliciting defensiveness.
There is only a willingness to experience insight,
expanding your awareness regarding the concept you are considering.

This becomes the willingness to awaken.
And the willingness to awaken allows for the possibility of liberation.

© Laura Basha, PhD

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  • Laura – Incredibly well spoken and so timely. I love this. Thank you for reaching out with this wisdom. BJ