The Paradox of Time

Laura Basha


Photo By: Lucas Ludwig

“Whatever you do takes time, and yet it is always now. So while your inner purpose is to negate time, your outer purpose necessarily involves future and so could not exist without time.


But it is always secondary.


Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that your state of consciousness is primary, all else secondary.”


– Eckhart Tolle


I woke up in the early morning hours as I do sometimes, and there it was: that nagging feeling of dread.

Sometimes it isn’t there, or it emerges as a different version of itself, all the different versions of dread. It’s such an amorphous feeling, the more distressing because it has no apparent cause. No specific incident or occurrence that I can tag it onto. I know on some level it is thinking, but if I try to distinguish which thought or remember some event either past or future, it only exacerbates the dreadful feeling, but gives no distinguishing information that then lets my mind think “Ah ha!”.

This morning I remembered: It’s all a ruse – all a delusion of the ego trying to have me feel the stress of not having completed the books by now, not having caught up on the articles for the website in time, not having sorted through the clothes to bring to the consignment store.

Yada yada yada …

There is only peace and ease in the now.
So, everything other than peace and ease is habitual thinking.


This morning I remembered. Who I am is: I am.
I am that. The Absolute. That. I am Now.

Be where I am. In bed. Comfortable. Safe. There is only peace and ease in the Now. So, everything other than peace and ease is habitual thinking. And thinking wants me to continue to focus on it so that I can keep being attached to form, the physical, the constraints of time.

Now, this woman Laura who is writing this is not a silly person. She is quite strategic and pragmatic as a personality. But through habitually paying attention to the undercurrent of patterned thinking, I then identify with the pressured thoughts of “not enough”, “behind the eight ball”, “overwhelmed”, and then of course fall prey to the types of emotions that resonate through those types of thoughts.

This morning I remembered. Be where you are. Stop thinking. Yes – stop paying attention to thoughts and pay attention to the present moment, with no attention to thinking. This is Be Here Now. This is peace and ease and all is well.

This is living my purpose. Address the needs of the day from THIS state of consciousness. Ease and peace of mind. Then items to address get done with ease and peace of mind.

All else is secondary.

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