Practice Forgetting

Laura Basha

Photo By: Jack Kaminski

As a former therapist and now a professional coach, the model of psychology that I have used since the early 90’s is one which recognizes the innate Health of each and every person. One doesn’t always see this health from the surface or presenting expression. Yet to assume it is at the core allows for an expansion of innate healthy expression; one that is elicited from the client.

There is a need to have access to the past, but not a need to re-live it.


It is a tremendous contribution to assist another is reviewing the past with a compassionate eye, looking for understanding in both self and other, and through understanding, being freed into compassion. As a healer, see Health in the other so that they can remember It on their own.

As we radiate our own well-being and security, it is contagious and hopeful for another. The natural wisdom in the other will then be released and will reveal the other’s own answers, and the direction out of the problem will be obvious. This reveals to both healer and other that everything we are looking for is within.

After understanding, let go the past, forget what you know, cultivate stillness, and listen.

In its simplicity is its complexity.

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