The Ballast of Tranquility

Laura Basha

Photo By: Timo Vijn

As I talk with people both in my coaching practice as well as in my studio space with other artists, the conversation of loneliness arises. There is a valuable needed respite in being alone. However, there is also a different experience one can have from experiencing long periods of aloneness.

Sometimes aloneness with one’s thoughts can breed a loneliness born of the feeling and/or thought of isolation. For example, as much as we value and are amazed by the miraculous creations emerging from the world of technology, this feeling of, or this literal isolation born of constant interaction with technological devices, can be augmented by the ever-increasing reliance on virtual or other technological means. Obviously such reliance cannot take the place of personal interaction and relationship.

It isn’t always noticeable, ¬†lack of personal interaction can result in a discontent, a malaise, a needless negativity which can arise from such loneliness and belief in, or actuality of, isolation. Energy is expended in drama rather than utilized for authentic self-expression, creativity, authenticity, and growth.


Some measure of peace of mind, some access to tranquility, is needed for the evolution of consciousness, the awakening to creativity and possibility, the realization of health and well-being. And this peace of mind needs to come from within, from Center to circumference if you will, to be powerfully dependable in the midst of any circumstance. Tranquility based on externals is a false sense of peace, for any third force that so intends can shatter it in an instant.

Practicing tranquility, through quiet moments of reflection or more formal meditation, generates a foundational ballast from the inside out. A ballast of peace in the midst of loneliness, confusion, excitement, and any of the fluctuations of life experience.

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