The Consciousness of the Healer

Laura Basha

Photo By: Tony Webster

Help people express whatever their ‘thing’ is.
Give people the opportunity to freely express.
Ninety-nine percent of the time, if they can express it,
it resolves itself – if you don’t react.


– Dr. Meji Singh



The consciousness of the healer is everything. We can only take people to the level of understanding we have integrated.

As the healer listens to the metaphors taking place in the moment of the healing relationship/session, the process of the healer seeing through the maze and re-ordering the maze into positive, understandable symbols for the client, symbols of health and well-being, demonstrates to the client the client’s own creative protective mechanisms. Disarming the grip of fear that the illusion is real, the client feels the relief of returning to the resilience of Health – the true default program within all of us.

This can be explained verbally, but if the client is not cognitively aware or capable enough of understanding the verbal articulation of issues, no matter, for the work is always done through consciousness, catalyzed through the silent awakened consciousness of the healer.

The degree of potential healing is directly proportional to the degree of clarity and resulting presence of the healer.

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